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About Indian Public

Indian Public offers a one stop, full service assistance in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Social media, Research, Behavioral Studies, and Sales Promotion & Direct Marketing.

We are a Public Relations and Marketing Communications Agency, with offices New Delhi. We specialize in Digital Marketing and PR.

Simply said, we assist clients in reaching out to the media, influencers, and customers.

Indian Public thrives at the crossroads of traditional media and public relations, as well as digital marketing and social media. These distinctions are becoming increasingly blurred in today’s electronically connected world. That’s something we understand.

As a result, we created a new type of agency.

Indian Public uses a mix of traditional and digital public relations methods to create a stronger brand, increased visibility among influencers/ digital worls, and more engaged customers across many channels, all with demonstrable results.

A one-stop shop for everything Marketing, digital advertising, public relations, media, social media, research, behavioural studies, and sales promotion & direct marketing are all areas where Marcomm / PR can help. Launching and relaunching items, branding and rebranding, event planning, SEO-linked copywriting, and bilingual copying are some of the additional services available.

We are small by design. Our personal approach ensures that clients always have the attention and dedication they deserve from a senior team member.

So if you’re ready to grow, we will get you there. If you have a product or brand, we will communicate it, with care.

Why Indian Public

We know what works and what doesn’t.

Through our total corporate communications approach, we assist our clients achieve maximum exposure at minimal cost by optimizing communication synergies.

Whatever the size of your company, small enterprise or global corporation, wherever you are located on the globe, the brand messages you want to communicate are important.


  • Hospitality industry brands and products
  • Local brand tourism attractions
  • Automobiles Clients
  • Education Clients
  • International festivals: music and cultural
  • Sports-tourism events
  • Health, wellness, and spa industry
  • Government agencies (ITDC, BTB, PHRI)
  • NGO / non profits


All of this is great theory but you need someone to:

  • Guide and assist you through this process
  • Set and achieve clear objectives
  • Execute the plan
  • Generate actual results
  • Optimize your in-house team performance
  • Or simply be an alternative set of eyes and ears on an intended initiative.

Think we could be a good fit?


Ultimately we will help you generate sales through Digital Marketing and PR activities

Some strategies we will apply:

  • Reach maximum users thru Digital Medium
  • Banners and Video
  • Build your identity, public image and brand
  • Assess and redesign current promotional materials
  • Differentiate you from the competition
  • Generate compelling & engaging content
  • Leverage both traditional and digital efforts
  • Liaise with designers, printers, and digital internal team


With a fully integrated Digital/ Creative team, we bridge a brand’s PR gap, using collaborative and strategic approach to link local businesses to global audiences.

Public Relations
Digital Marketing
Social Media Strategy


New Delhi, India

Connect with us

WhatsApp – 82359 33315
Phone: +91 (82359) 33315

Operational hours

Our office location is in New Delhi. Open during office hours from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday.


Send an email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Have a question or need a quote for a service? Call us at Mobile or WhatsApp 82359 33315, we are here to help you.

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